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Aug 13, 2013 9:00am EDT
mom lives in texas. i've never met his mom in person. i've only met her over the phone. never even skyped or anything. and i mean, it was just very interesting to me that she would know more things that he was doing-- like he would call her but wouldn't call me. so that was very heartbreaking. i was like, "why wouldn't you just call me to find out how addison's doing? you should call to find out how your baby's doing." - how are you doing? i mean the reality is you may very well be raising these children on your own. - it's very scary. i mean like i said, all i wanted with him was to be married and to have kids and be happy. and you know, i thought everything was fine. i just got comfortable. we just started having money. and now i'm scared to death. every time he leaves even to go to the grocery store, i'm scared that he's not going to come back home. - what do you do to survive? to take care of the bills? - i waitress. it's very limited money. i waitress in a small town. tips are maybe $20 a night... at the most. - who watches your daughter when you're working? - she goes to dayc
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1